How to

Avoid winter depression ?

With the PSiO technology

Today, I invite you to discover a SAFE solution to help you
avoid winter depression and feel better.
It is a scientifically proven process based on
innovative use of light.

This solution is the PSiO device,
a revolutionary tool that combines new light therapy with guided relaxation!

Indeed, the PSiO and its programs allow you
to relax and enjoy the light
to maintain your diurnal hormone levels ... naturally.

But what is PSiO
exactly ?

At first view, the PSiO looks like a pair of glasses equipped with a MP3 reader…
But in fact, it's a powerful relaxation tool that uses
the innovative technology of light stimulation at very precise rhythms.

How does PSiO work?

PSiO sessions last about 5 to 40 minutes.
They are particularly preferred in a quiet environment,
sitting comfortably or lying down.

  • 1er temps

    1st time

    The user's attention is focused on
    the visual scene composed of
    shimmering colors that have no other
    meaning for the mind than
    their astonishing beauty.
    Consciousness becomes purely
    sensory and analytical thoughts
    diminish to become auditory
    and visual.
    The music or the voices are felt
    much more deeply, and very differently
    than they would be with
    a simple sound.
  • 2ème temps

    2nd time

    Attention is gradually put at rest.
    The eyelids automatically lower
    as the light passes
    gently through them.
    They become a second projection screen
    of visual stimulations.
  • 3ème temps

    3rd time

    Stimulations while being effective on the retina
    become monotonous.
    At this moment, visual stimulation
    is restricted both by their intensity
    than by their frequency variation.
    The attention is then completely
    at rest.
    From then on, letting go and relaxation is total!


This induced rest causes a VERY NICE MENTAL VACUUM STATUS, an automatic recovery while the light generates an energizing effect, a little like a regenerating nap (except here, it is you who provoke it, at will!).

The PSIO device thus combines light therapy combined with relaxation, making it a tool for regulating the biological clock as well as an accessible method of relaxation.

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What will the PSiO bring you …

In countries where, in winter, the sun goes down early and rises later, the lack of exposure to light for several months is the source of many physiological problems. In addition to a lack of vitamin D, various hormonal disorders (including an overproduction of melatonin) explain why, in these populations, there may be a general syndrome of chronic fatigue sometimes going as far as the famous "winter depression".

Thanks to the PSiO you finally manage to maintain a stable form and mood all year long!

It would however be reductive to mention the only lack of light to be the cause of winter depression. Due to artificial lighting, natural exposure to sunlight are shifted which results in keeping extended activity until late at night. We can say that the entire population suffers not only a lack of light but also fatigue and jet lag!

Used regularly, the PSiO can, thanks to its very complete light and sound technology, contribute not only to the restoration of the mind and the necessary rest but also to the regulation of the hormonal flows.

For the specific treatment of seasonal depression, how does PSiO work?

First, the sound part offers recordings that could be described as antidepressants: they act by voice with sounds of nature and soft music in the background.

Secondly, the luminous part makes it possible to act on the distraction of the attention by causing a quick release and at the same time on the secretion of melatonin.

General relaxation, complete resting of the cortex, positive suggestions and stimulation by light together contribute to a superb synergistic action to quickly get back into shape and get out of the seasonal depression!

The PSiO is an effective solution to this problem.
It puts an end to this problem.

Moreover, if not for winter, life in Western countries has shifted for more than a century to a more indoor lifestyle. Passing from the house to the car and then to the office until the evening, the inhabitants of the western regions are little exposed to the spectrum of the solar light. And paradoxically, as soon as a ray of sunshine appears many people then put on their sunglasses! This is called "seasonal" depression.

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How does PSiO work to be so effective?

The PSiO uses certain light frequencies that are known to intensely stimulate the biological clock and hormones associated with daytime activities.

The PSiO combines "recovering effect" and "dynamizing effect"

Achieving this state is therefore significant for all those looking for a quick and efficient recovery. For example: nurses who work at night, pilots in jetlag, students in exam periods or simply businessmen and women who are stressed by their hard work.


Enjoy an infinite number of programs to download

As soon as you connect your PSIO to your computer, a new world of applications becomes available to you:
applications to improve your well-being, to find your vital balance, to strengthen your personal potential
and performance in all areas.

There are, in fact, three main areas of application to the PSiO and dozens of programs, with different themes:

If, despite all the possibilities outlined above, you are still
hesitating to discover the PSIO, then read this well:

The secrets of a long experienced technology

Recognized by science

The PSIO is an experienced technology developed for over twenty five years. More than 250,000 users and millions sessions lavished by professional health care attest to the seriousness of this technology. Moreover, numerous studies exist on the effect of sensory stimulation on brain rhythms.
(See the section entitled « Scientific Studies » on

Blocking Brain Chatter: how is it possible?

The technology used in the PSIO is a combination of colored stimuli and pulsating rhythms on very specific frequencies. On top of that, PSiO sometimes associates these techniques with binaural beats, and suggestive voices with one speaker or two speaking one after another and sometimes simultaneously (using the method developed by Dr. Milton Erickson, the creative genius of indirect suggestion).

  • The texts of the recorded messages are written by physicians
    specializing in psychosomatic.
  • The voices are those of trained professional
    in the field of relaxation therapy and suggestion.
    The music
    is developed in collaboration with experts.

Depending on the different programs, the content varies slightly:

  • Relaxation (sound beats, colors, music & multi-evocations).
  • Meditation (music and simple voices)
  • Powernap (music and energizing colors)

The protocols of sound/lights stimulation sessions were strictly
designed using an electroencephalogram of a new genre: the "neo EEG"
created by the famous Professor Sorel (great Belgian neurologist now

For all these reasons, PSIO and its programs are unique in the world!

Simple to use: The PSIO was designed to fit the needs of the general public, for any person
wishing to obtain an immediate "wellbeing" which is healthy, drug-free and natural!

Multi-beneficial uses: the PSIO should be found in every household on the night stand of students,
high school students or anyone who wants to enhance his job performance (energy, rapid recovery, serene sleep).

Huge potential through appropriate programs: the PSIO can be considered as
an assisted personal development program, but without any effort!

What they think of the PSiO…

It's a great device! I acquired it a few weeks ago without really believing in it but still hoping that this could perhaps help me with my sleep problems and it works great! Since I have it, I listen to the "sleep" program every day and I sleep well.
-- NH

With PSIO, we know exactly where we are going. Try it and you'll understand everything. I can assure you that the only PSIO costs NOTHING compared to the benefits it brings. I see it with a lot more perspective and tolerance. Think first about you, but do not be selfish. Talk of it around you to bring a change in the world, starting with those around you!
-- Anonyme

I tested the "Letting Go" program for the first time today. I thought it was great. In fact I just got out of a depression. I returned to work but I am still very quickly tired and also stressed (especially by my boss) during the day. In any case I am very satisfied with my purchase, I found my first session very satisfactory, I even at times let go and fell asleep. I congratulate you, I think it's great. Again thank you for everything.
-- Patricia D.

I tried the “joy of life” track, I did it for two weeks, and I'm very surprised of the positive effects that this "training" provides. Relaxation is nice to do and the well-being is surprisingly felt immediately after the session, as well as in the longer term. I am extremely satisfied with this method. Bravo
-- Annick

YOU TOO, choose the PSIO,
the only real companion of the mind, mobile and «ALL IN ONE»

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Given all that PSIO will improve in your life, in view of all programs and applications that you can download,
given the savings that you will certainly be doing by using less medication like antidepressants and sleeping pills,
and especially considering the time savings you'll be able to do by being more efficient every day, the price starting
from US $ 399, is reasonable. And as it will benefit you your whole life, every day, your return on investment will be quick.
This is your "Wellness Investment"!

Ask yourself what you would want to change in your life, would you:

  • permanently end stress, anguish, anxiety, sleepless nights
  • excel and achieve the highest level of performance in all areas
  • enhance your concentration
  • live up to your full potential
  • develop your mind
  • achieve your goals and finally feel good in your life!

If so, then you do not have a second to lose! It's time for you to open the way to a new life!

Stéphane Dumonceau Scientific researcher
Meta-relaxation specialist and Stress Management