Privacy Policy

The charter

For the protection of privacy, the data that you entrust to us is recorded in & databases and intended exclusively for internal use by S.A. In accordance with the GDPR, the data will be provided to you at your request and will be corrected, if need be. Any questions regarding the recording of your data can be sent to S.A. via e-mail the address

Protection of privacy

Our goal is to protect your data. You can visit this site, learn about our services, the latest news and our new services without providing us with any personal information. However, if you would like to carry out transactions via the site, you will have to register as a member of We will not provide, divulge or share with third parties any information about you such as addresses, e-mails, telephone or fax numbers, identification data, etc. We will keep information about your professional activities and transactions up to date according to our usual standards of strict confidentiality and security.

Use of cookies

We will occasionally use cookies to provide you with better service. A “cookie" is a small amount of information stored by a website on your computer's browser. The cookie is recovered when you visit the same site at a later time. The cookie can only be read by the website that created it. We use cookies for administrative purposes to, for example, record your preferences for certain types of information or your access code. This means that you do not have to re-enter them at the keyboard every time you visit our site. Most cookies only work during a given session or visit, and none contain information that make it possible to contact you by telephone or e-mail. You can also configure your browser to be notified every time a cookie is created or to prevent their creation.

Privacy and confidentiality policy S.A. reserves the right to check and examine message information, including content, source and destination, if there is reasonable doubt that all or part of the message is related to illegal or illicit activities or if it has been instructed to do so by the competent authorities. Any inspections carried out by S.A. that are not done at the request of the competent authorities can only involve messages of a public or non-confidential nature. This includes information found on web pages, messages in forums, computer mailings, etc. (not a complete list). S.A. can take all necessary measures to ensure proper management of its computer system and it can access any messages stored on its system for this purpose.

Users agree to maintain the secret and confidential nature of their password and login. Users are solely liable for any use of their identification items. In the event of loss, theft or fraudulent use of any of these items, users must inform S.A. as soon as possible. Notification must be confirmed by mail :

Personal user data are stored in S.A. files. They are processed for customer management and to carry out market surveys; for the issuing, recovery and verification of invoices ; as part of the contractual relationship with users (for example, for the exchange of mail or in the event of litigation) ; and to carry out information and promotional activities for S.A. products and services.

By providing a dated and signed written request addressed to S.A., and proof of identity, users may request and obtain, free of charge, a copy of their personal data in writing from S.A. and, if required, correction of any incorrect, incomplete, or irrelevant information.

Should the administrative data about a user change, it is their responsibility to inform S.A. within a month of the change.